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Venture Building

Venture Building

Through our Ventures Department, we are able to reach entrepreneurs across 6 geopolitical zones with specialized programs designed for business at different stages. Whether in ideation or scale-up stage, we test business hypothesis immediately by getting it out into the community to talk to customers, partners and competitors, rather than relying on static case studies and second-hand market research. Our cohorts are engaged with the practical elements of real business ecosystems, exposed to the chaos and uncertainty of commercializing green innovations and equipped to create a sustainable business model as they redefine or preserve original plans based on new learning.

Our application process is ongoing with different programs. Apply today – we will reach out to you the next time a cohort is hosted.

Businesses develop in stages — starting point, development phase, nurturing phase and finally letting the business take off on its own. Embryo is the first of NCIC 4-stage incubation program which provides entrepreneurs with green ideas an authentic platform to leverage on existing knowledge, resources, networks and partnerships that will enable them to contribute adequately to achieving a Green Economy for Nigeria. This program test and prepare businesses for the multiple challenges of entrepreneurship at the forming stage. It addresses the creative skills, strategies and provides the right set of tools needed to bring an idea with the right potential to consolidate/disrupt existing business ecosystems. Here, business ideas are evaluated, entrepreneurs learn practical easy-to-implement techniques to reduce risks of business failure, understand business plan realities, learn other planning tools as well as strategies to adopt. This is a program for start-up founders, innovators, product managers and individuals working on building a new product or start-up idea in Renewable Energy, Waste & Water Management as well as in Agriculture.

As a Center, we understand the plight of businesses at an early stage and provide adequate mentorship as well as an expert guide to help them better understand environmental variables affecting entrepreneurship. Whether a “solopreneur” or part of a larger organization, the need to effectively turn ideas into real, tangible working demos and/or minimum viable product with the right market fit cannot be excused at this point. During Hatch, businesses undergo simulation peculiar to an industry life cycle; taking into account the rapid advancement of technology, changing consumer preferences and policies calling for more environmentally sustainable economies. We communicate with our cohorts the competitive advantage of being a purpose-driven green entrepreneur. Examine together the broader political and social landscape in which they operate, including the role of government, investors, and customers. Hatch is NCIC second stage incubation program addressing the fragile entrepreneurial ecosystems, emphasizing the effectiveness of training, mentorship and access to markets for green businesses.

Altitude is a program that introduces market ready entrepreneurs to tools and techniques to plan and grow business with a focus on effectiveness and profitability. The course teaches the best strategic visioning, project planning and management, while addressing behaviours, blind spots and thought patterns that are barriers to fulfilling set goals. By identifying actors and studying what motivates them participants will uncover the best practices needed to drive business with customers and investors.