Nigeria’s Green Economy can create $250bn Investment Opportunity for Entrepreneurs: Participants at the forum, organised by the Nigeria Climate Innovation Center (NCIC) in Lagos recently, said entrepreneurs can tap into the enormous opportunities in the green space to create millions of jobs. The Chief Executive Officer of AllOn, Weibe Boer said, “Nigeria has power gaps of about $200 billion, agricultural waste of 40 per cent and 200 million people creating waste that is not recycled. He stated that with more solutions being provided to address issues of climate change, the country would be able to create new jobs and scale the opportunities in the green economy. The Chief Executive Officer of NCIC, Bankole Oloruntoba said the global green economy is a multi-trillion-dollar economy which the country’s entrepreneurs can harness through innovative solutions to climate change challenges. “If Nigeria is able to develop a conducive environment for the growth of the green economy, the country could have a massive share from the over $14 trillion global green economies,” Oloruntoba said. READ MORE