THISDAY LIVE September 10, 2019:

Nigeria’s Green Economy can create $250bn Investment Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

Participants at the forum, organised by the Nigeria Climate Innovation Center (NCIC) in Lagos recently, said entrepreneurs can tap into the enormous opportunities in the green space to create millions of jobs. The Chief Executive Officer of AllOn, Weibe Boer said, “Nigeria has power gaps of about $200 billion, agricultural waste of 40 per cent and 200 million people creating waste that is not recycled. He stated that with more solutions being provided to address issues of climate change, the country would be able to create new jobs and scale the opportunities in the green economy. The Chief Executive Officer of NCIC, Bankole Oloruntoba said the global green economy is a multi-trillion dollar economy which the country’s entrepreneurs can harness through innovative solutions to climate change challenges. “If Nigeria is able to develop a conducive environment for the growth of the green economy, the country could have a massive share from the over $14 trillion global green economies,” Oloruntoba said. Read more

THE NATION September 4, 2019:

Boosting Entrepreneurship through Green Opportunities

NCIC Chief Executive Bankole Oloruntoba said the global green economy is a multi-trillio-dollar economy, which the country’s entrepreneurs could harness through innovative solutions. “If Nigeria is able to develop a conducive environment for the growth of the green economy, the country could have a massive share from the over $14 trillion global green economy. In Nigeria the challenges are enormous and if we can create some form of opportunities to support businesses in that space in terms of capacity, it will create a rival opportunity for the country to build an economy that does not depend on crude oil,” Bankole said. “The green economy gives the country the opportunity to create more jobs and there are lots of opportunities in the green space with covers from media, to transportation, to waste management and even to educate among others. He noted that the NCIC was providing technical training to start-ups that are creating solutions to issues of climate change. He said his organisation was planning to create a fund for businesses in the green space with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). Read more

PUNCH January 20, 2019:

Firm, NCIC to Promote Clean Energy Innovations.

The Nigeria Climate Innovation Centre has announced a grant funding partnership with AllOn to support the inaugural incubation programme for 15 clean technology businesses that emerged winners in the 2018-2019 Climate Launchpad.The Chief Executive Officer, NCIC, Mr Bankole Oloruntoba, said, “It’s a great pleasure to partner with All On to kick off the NCIC incubation programme. This is the first of many partnerships that will help in creating a pipeline of viable, clean energy innovation- driven ventures and expand the viability of the Nigerian green economy.” The CEO, All On, Dr Wiebe Boer, said, “We are proud to be partnering with the NCIC on the maiden edition of the Climate Launchpad in Nigeria. This partnership will enable All On to identify, accelerate, and scale new indigenous clean energy innovations in the country.” Read more

MEDIUM July 4, 2019:

Nigeria Climate Innovation Center and Green Economy

Whilst making great strides in our quest, permit us to help you understand the Green Economy from our eyes. As per definition, the Green Economy is an alternative economy for the fossil fuel economy. It is powered by clean technology and seeks to reverse the adverse effect of the fossil fuel economy and create wealth while positively impacting our community. For 2019/2020 our goal is to build awareness on the Green Economy in Nigeria and to create a strong Green Economy ecosystem. With this in mind as well as the understanding that there are at least five focus areas in every ecosystem of a new economy; the government, private sector, Academia, development society groups; Civil Society Organisations, Multinational Corporations, including embassies and finally the SMEs themselves. Read more

ICIR December 16, 2018:

VP Debate: FG Has Built Six Tech Hubs, Sixty-three Days to Elections – VP, Osibanjo

We are building, at the moment six innovation hubs in the six geopolitical zones with two super hubs, one in Lagos and one in Abuja. They are basically to provide opportunities, especially for young people who are looking for investments in technology. “In Lagos, we set up the Nigeria Climate Innovation Center, in partnership with the Enterprise Development Center in the Lagos Business School, and the World Bank. The centre is part of the World Bank’s Climate Technology Program. Read more