Green Business Management was designed to provide the requisite training and capacity building for green enterprises active as trade/service providers on thematic climate areas like renewable energy (RE), waste management, smart agriculture, and water, among other climate-related sectors in Nigeria. This program provides you with the tools and the knowledge you need to succeed as a green business enthusiast in the Nigerian economy.


Program Design

At the NCIC we are focused on translating theory to practice hence this program is designed to be a hands-on program. Each module is accompanied by an in-depth review of case studies and models, global best practices, assessments, and presentations to ensure that what is learnt in the class is implemented in your business or organization.

Program Benefits

  1. Understand how the green economy works
  2. Acquire green innovation strategies and tools
  3. Discover how to grow your market base
  4. Get exposed to green finance and funding
  5. Build competence in sustainable leadership

Who Can Attend?

  • Green business owners
  • Sustainability Officers
  • Aspiring Managers
  • Green Innovators

Course Modules

Understanding the Green Economy

This module provides a solid foolproof introduction to the concepts, ramifications, prospects, and possibilities of the green economy in Nigeria highlighting the value chains, the sectors and economic outlook of the green economy in Nigeria. Participants will be able to draw insights into why green is the future.

Green Innovation Strategy & Sustainability

Innovation opens an organization to new vistas creating opportunities in new markets. In these modules participants will learn tested and trusted green innovation strategies, they will also be exposed to fundamentals of sustainability practices and to incorporate these into their businesses.

Green Marketing & Consumerism

Cash flow is the lifeblood of every business, in this module, we will zoom in on the market forces shaping the green economy and help participants how to position their business to attract and keep customers while ensuring that their work does not negatively affect the environment.

Green Business Financing

Building a successful green enterprise requires an understanding of the green finance market and sustainable marketing instruments. Other critical issues like taxation and basic bookkeeping skills are necessary for growing a viable green business. In this module, participants will be exposed to financing opportunities and be groomed by experts on how to build a creditworthy enterprise.

Sustainable Leadership

Sustainable leadership is the next frontier of leadership, sustainable leaders create healthy working environments, and they can motivate their team to constantly perform. In this module participants will learn how to build sustainable team and boost performance in the workplace.

Application Closes on 20th of August 2021